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ReMuNet aims to pioneer the Physical Internet by promoting synchromodal relay transport across European rail, road, and inland waterways. This enhances network resilience, reduces emissions, and boosts corridor efficiency during disruptive events.

🗣ReMuNet had the privilege of being represented by @MissLogOps at the POMS conference in #Minneapolis, on Aviation, Transportation and Logistics Management

💡ReMuNet's concept shows major potential for widespread application, as the issues it addresses extend beyond EU borders!

⚠ Helsinki's late snowfall causes major disruptions, with roads & rails severely affected. ReMuNet analyzes the root causes & impacts of such events & enhance transport planning to address reactivity & improve predictive capabilities, for a better resilience to disruptive events

💡Happy to share that we had a succesful poster presentation yesterday at @TRA_Conference

👉With 70 attendees, we talked about crucial topics including urban logistics, last-mile delivery, decarbonization & logistics collaboration
Grateful for contributing to these discussions!

📣@TRA_Conference has kicked off with a great Opening Ceremony! Swing by booth no. 123 to meet our project management team at @ReMuNetProject
John Von Stamm & Janis Simons are eagerly waiting to share our vision and explain how ReMuNet is shaping the future

See you there!

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Project ID

Project name: ReMuNet “Resilient Multimodal freight Transport Network”

Grant Agreement n: 101104072

Programme: Horizon Europe

Type of action: HORIZON-RIA

Start date: 1 July 2023

Duration: 36 months

EU contribution: 3,997,552.50€

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