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ReMuNet aims to pioneer the Physical Internet by promoting synchromodal relay transport across European rail, road, and inland waterways. This enhances network resilience, reduces emissions, and boosts corridor efficiency during disruptive events.

📣 We're happy to share that Lars Klapper from @FIR_RWTH & Pol Camps from @white_research will be attending hashtag #ConnectingEuropeDays2024 from 2-5 April at the SQUARE in Brussels!

🔗Lars and Pol are eager to engage, in information exchange and networking opportunities!


🗣We are happy to announce our 5th synergy with @ADMIRAL_EU! While each project has its unique objectives, we've found common ground in enhancing #sustainability, #resilience & #Efficiency!

🚚Discover discover the link between ReMuNet & ADMIRAL here:

🤝 ReMuNet & SUM Project joined forces!

🎯 With a focus on resilience, sustainability, & interconnectivity, wemake transportation efficient, increase the overall network resilience and reduce emissions!

👀 Read more:

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Project ID

Project name: ReMuNet “Resilient Multimodal freight Transport Network”

Grant Agreement n: 101104072

Programme: Horizon Europe

Type of action: HORIZON-RIA

Start date: 1 July 2023

Duration: 36 months

EU contribution: 3,997,552.50€

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