In a significant stride towards advancing their shared objectives, the Finnish partners of the ReMuNet consortium (Hanken, FMI, Vedia) convened for a collaborative workshop on the 9th of October 2023. This pivotal meeting provided an essential platform for partners to strategize and coordinate their efforts within the project.

A central focus of the workshop was on finding effective ways to enhance mutual support for various project tasks and promote the dissemination of project results through collaborative endeavors. A key highlight of the discussions was the imminent delivery of Hanken’s project-specific contribution. To ensure its success, the participating partners offered valuable feedback on the interview preparation, emphasizing the significance of the interview guide.

Furthermore, the partners exchanged ideas and strategies for reaching out to a broader audience within the logistics industry. Their shared goal is to broaden the impact of the ReMuNet project and its outcomes.

Crucially, the workshop facilitated a detailed examination of methods to align and harmonize each partner’s work more effectively. This alignment is critical in achieving the project’s overarching objectives.

It was unanimously agreed that these collaborative meetings hold immense value and that the Finnish partners should strive to convene regularly. By doing so, they aim to keep the momentum of shared updates and collective progress, ensuring the continued success of the ReMuNet project. Such ongoing collaboration promises to foster increased synergy and effectiveness among the consortium’s partners.

The workshop’s success serves as a testament to the consortium’s dedication to the ReMuNet project’s vision and the strength of partnerships within the logistics community. It underlines the commitment to achieving their common goals and the tangible outcomes they aspire to deliver.