As Europe strives towards sustainable and inclusive mobility solutions, innovative projects are emerging to reshape the transport landscape. Among them, ReMuNet stands out with its mission to enhance the resilience and efficiency of multimodal transport corridors. Set against the backdrop of the prestigious Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 conference in Dublin, Ireland, ReMuNet is ready to showcase its transformative potential.

TRA2024, scheduled from April 15th to 18th, is Europe’s premier platform for transport research, innovation and policy discourse. Gathering researchers, policymakers, industry leaders and stakeholders from across the continent, the event serves as a melting pot of ideas and solutions to address the challenges in the transport sector.

Why ReMuNet at TRA2024?
Participation in TRA2024 presents a golden opportunity for ReMuNet to showcase its transformative potential on a grand stage. By engaging with researchers, policymakers and industry stakeholders, the project can garner valuable feedback, forge strategic partnerships and foster collaborations to drive its implementation forward.

Moreover, TRA2024 offers a fertile ground for ReMuNet to contribute to the overarching theme of “Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility.” By aligning its objectives with the conference theme, ReMuNet shows its commitment to shaping a more sustainable and resilient transport future for Europe.

If you’re attending the Transport Research Arena (TRA) event, we invite you to visit our booth and engage with our partners, learn more about our innovative approach and discover how ReMuNet aligns with the conference theme of “Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility.