In a recent interview on BBC World News, our esteemed partner, Dr. Sarah Schiffling, as a recognized expert in the field, provided valuable insights into the impact of these disruptions on global supply chains. Leading liner companies, find themselves at a crossroads as they suspend trading via their Red Sea routes. The decision comes in response to a series of escalating attacks on merchant vessels navigating the critical waterway. The Red Sea serves as a vital passageway for approximately 15% of the world’s shipping traffic, with its routes acting as the shortest shipping route between Europe and Asia. The recent surge in attacks has forced liner companies to reassess the safety of their vessels and the viability of the Red Sea routes. The impact of this suspension is significant, affecting up to 1.7 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) of goods, reminiscent of disruptions seen during the Suez blockage in 2021. Maritime experts highlight the strategic importance of the Red Sea, emphasizing that an alternative route would incur additional time and distance. Sarah’s expertise shed light on the ripple effects of such disruptions, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the global supply network.

Wtch the video here.