ReMuNet and ADMIRAL, although differing in their specific objectives, have established a synergy aimed at enhancing sustainability, resilience and efficiency in the European logistics sector.

ADMIRAL: AI-driven solutions for managing logistics supply chains

ADMIRAL aims to transform freight transportation by developing a digital marketplace for multimodal logistics, focusing on emission reduction and supply chain transparency. The project facilitates logistics optimisation, provides emission visualisations, and targets a 20% reduction in transport emissions. It connects service providers with buyers, promoting sustainable decision-making based on emissions, costs, and delivery times. ADMIRAL will run pilots across Europe, leveraging AI to enhance logistics infrastructure, favour greener transport options, and support low-emission service choices, thus improving the resilience and sustainability of European supply chains. While ReMuNet and ADMIRAL may appear to have divergent objectives at first glance, a closer examination reveals that both projects share a common commitment to:

Multimodal Transport: ReMuNet and ADMIRAL recognize the importance of integrating various modes of transportation, including road, rail, and waterways, to optimize freight movement across Europe.

Emission Reduction: Sustainability lies at the heart of both projects, with a shared goal of reducing emissions in freight transportation. While ADMIRAL aims for a 20% reduction in transport emissions, ReMuNet focuses on enabling synchro-modal relay transport to significantly cut down on emissions.

Digital Innovation: Both ReMuNet and ADMIRAL embrace digital innovation as a catalyst for transformation in the logistics sector. Whether through the development of digital marketplaces or the utilization of real-time data for route planning, both projects harness the power of technology to drive positive change.

European Collaboration: Operating within the European context, ReMuNet and ADMIRAL recognize the importance of collaboration with stakeholders across the continent. Whether it’s running pilots across Europe or developing standardized methods in collaboration with critical stakeholders, both projects prioritize Europe-wide practicability and acceptance.

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