We are happy to announce that ReMuNet has initiated a synergy with DISCO Project, to foster mutual knowledge exchange.

The DISCO project aims to support cities in undertaking the Physical Internet transformation of urban logistics and sustainable planning and to optimally and strategically manage urban and peri-urban space.

Using its Meta Model Suite and Urban Freight Data Space, DISCO optimises urban space capacity for collaborative logistics, promoting sustainable delivery services with self-sustainable financial models.

For local authorities and planners, DISCO leverages digitalisation tools like Digital Twin, blockchain, AI, and Data Spaces to generate strategic data for freight-related network planning, investment, and policy formulation more effectively and economically than traditional methods. The project assesses and measures digital maturity, establishing conditions for Data Spaces at its 8 Living Labs, fostering decentralised and locally based data sharing within a trusted ecosystem involving all stakeholders, and exploring replication potentials through its Adaptive Blueprint.

Discover more about DISCO Project here.