What is eFTI4EU?

eFTI4EU (Electronic Freight Transport Information for the European Union) is dedicated to transforming the future of freight transport by making it digital. We aim to make freight transport and logistics across Europe more seamless, efficient, and cost-effective by implementing the eFTI Regulation (Regulation EU No 2020/1056). Their mission is to encourage European Union Member States to collaborate in developing a harmonized and interoperable digital environment for exchanging freight transport information.

Goals and Achievements:

  • Promote Digitalization: We aim to digitalize freight transport and logistics across Europe.
  • Reduce Administrative Costs: By digitalizing processes, we help reduce administrative expenses while improving the control capabilities of Competent Authorities.
  • Improve Efficiency and Sustainability: Our efforts focus on making transport more efficient and sustainable.

The goals of eFTI4EU align with the objectives of the eFTI Regulation, ensuring that the regulation benefits everyone involved in the freight transport sector.  Both eFTI4EU and ReMuNet aim to revolutionize freight transport through digitalization and enhanced efficiency. They share common goals of improving transport resilience, promoting sustainability, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders. While eFTI4EU focuses on creating a unified digital exchange environment across Europe, ReMuNet is dedicated to real-time disruption management and adaptive route planning in multimodal transport networks.