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RTR Conference Highlights: Road Transport Research Results

05 February 2024 All day

From the 5th to the 7th of February 2024, the BluePoint Brussels became the epicenter of discussions and presentations at the Conference on Road Transport Research. Hosted on Blvd Auguste Reyers 80, 1030 Brussels, the event welcomed experts, innovators, and stakeholders from across the globe to explore the latest advancements and findings in the realm of road transport research.

Disclaimer: The photos taken during the RTR Conference 2024 are the property of the organizers and are protected by copyright law.

Activities: Networking and discussing with research and industry experts in road transport

One of the primary draws of the conference was the opportunity for attendees to network and engage in discussions with leading figures in the field of road transport research. With a diverse array of experts and stakeholders present, participants had the chance to exchange ideas, share insights, and forge valuable connections that could pave the way for future collaborations.

Network and traffic management for future mobility
The first session of the conference delved into the topic of network and traffic management for future mobility. With presentations from notable experts such as Sascha Hoogendorn, Panos Georgakis, Runar Sorasen, and Juliette Thijs, attendees gained valuable insights into the latest developments and strategies in this rapidly evolving field.

Moderated by Thiago Tavares and Serge van Dam, the session sparked engaging discussions on topics ranging from collaborative business models in multimodal mobility ecosystems to the sharing of data via decentralized data spaces or centralized platforms. Sascha Hoogendorn emphasized the importance of shifting the conversation from data-sharing to information sharing, highlighting the need for algorithms to process data and share relevant information while safeguarding data sovereignty.

 Digitalisation of Logistics
The second session focused on the digitalization of logistics, with presentations from experts such as Tomas Ambra, Dimitri Laureys, Yancho Todorov, and Georgia Ayfantopoulou. Moderated by Paola Chiarini and Fernando Liesa, the session explored the potential of blockchain in transport logistics, smart contracts, and the benefits of decentralized approaches.

Attendees engaged in lively discussions about the advantages of decentralized approaches in increasing stakeholder acceptance, contrasting with the failures of centralized approaches with blockchain in the past. Furthermore, Georgia Ayfantopoulou shed light on potential synergies between projects FOR-FREIGHT and ReMuNet, highlighting opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Disclaimer: The photos taken during the RTR Conference 2024 are the property of the organizers and are protected by copyright law.

Overall, the 7th edition of the European Conference on Results from Road Transport Research (RTR Conference 2024) concluded with exceptional success, featuring 76 project presentations and 26 parallel sessions attended by 735 participants over three days.

Presentations showcased concrete outcomes from numerous Horizon 2020 projects, offering insight into the promising future of mobility. Recent Horizon Europe-funded projects also featured prominently, adding the latest results to the discussion.

Stephan Neugebauer, Chairman of ERTRAC& EGVIAfor2Zero, emphasized the importance of learning from project results to inform future frameworks. He highlighted the multifaceted nature of the EU Green Deal and praised the collective efforts of the RTR community in maintaining Europe’s competitiveness in road transport research.

A notable plenary session on “Software Defined Vehicles” explored how software and hardware developments are shaping future mobility solutions. Discussions emphasized the integral role of software in vehicle functionality and the need to develop the right skills for the future workforce.

Attendees engaged in discussions on data ownership, sharing, and the potential impact of Software Defined Vehicles on energy efficiency. The session underscored the importance of collaboration and a European approach to innovation in the automotive industry.

The conference also featured exhibitors providing additional insights into transport research. As the Conference Chair noted, progress in the road transport sector must prioritize societal needs while addressing environmental and digital challenges to maintain Europe’s competitiveness.


5 February
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