In a recent event organized by the Finland India Network of Researchers and Academics (FINERAC), our partner Ketki from HANKEN School of Economics had the unique opportunity to present the Remunet project. The event, featuring Ambassador Raveesh Kumar and other members of FINERAC, included a session with the Finnish Minister of Science and Culture, Ms. Sari Multala.

During the session, Minister Multala expressed appreciation for the valuable contributions of the Indian research community in Finland, emphasizing the need to acknowledge diverse research endeavours and foster an inclusive environment. Ambassador Kumar highlighted the strong bonds between both countries and stressed the importance of sustained collaboration in joint research projects and mobility initiatives.

FINERAC, a driving force behind such collaborative initiatives, aims to facilitate interactions among its members to promote research collaborations and provide peer support.
Ketki Kulkarni’s presentation on the Remunet project added a significant dimension to the event, showcasing the importance of projects that bridge the gap between research and practical solutions.
For those interested in becoming part of the collaborative network, FINERAC encourages involvement and engagement with their mission. To get involved with FINERAC and contribute to the ongoing dialogue between Finnish and Indian researchers, universities, and research institutions, follow this link: