On December 7, 2023, ReMuNet achieved another milestone with the successful online conduct of its General Assembly. The meeting covered significant aspects of the project, reflecting the dedication and progress made by the team across various work packages.

Agenda Highlights:

  1. Introduction and Meeting Goals: We explored the overarching goals and objectives, setting the tone for fruitful discussions.
  2. Administrative Issues and Votings: Crucial administrative matters were addressed, and important decisions were taken through a voting process, ensuring the smooth functioning of the project.
  3. Project Dissemination Update: Insights into the project’s dissemination strategies were shared, underlining the commitment to reaching a wider audience.
  4. WP1 Deliverable Update: Work Package 1’s progress was outlined, showcasing advancements in line with project timelines and objectives.
  5. WP2, WP3, WP4, and WP5 Preparation and Approach: The meticulous planning and approach for these work packages were discussed, emphasizing the strategic groundwork laid by PTV, FIR, Fraunhofer, and VEDIA.
  6. WP7 Deliverable 7.1 Update: A comprehensive update on the deliverables of Work Package 7 was provided, demonstrating a focus on timely and quality outcomes.
  7. Voting: Risk Assessment: The assembly engaged in a crucial risk assessment, ensuring a proactive approach to potential challenges.
  8. Next Steps and Conclusion: The meeting concluded with a discussion on the immediate next steps, highlighting the collective commitment to ReMuNet’s success.

This General Assembly not only marked a significant step in project management but also underscored the collaboration, dedication, and strategic planning that are driving ReMuNet towards its objectives.