The Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 took place on 15-18 April 2024 in Dublin, Ireland. With over 4,000 participants from diverse backgrounds – researchers, policymakers, and industry representatives – the conference provided a stage to share ideas and foster collaborations aimed at transforming the transport and mobility sector.

Collaborative presence in the ALICE Logistic Innovation Village

ReMuNet, together with its sister project SARIL, had the opportunity to engage with visitors from around the world at their joint stand in the ALICE Logistic Innovation Village. This set-up provided an excellent platform for both projects to demonstrate their joint efforts to improve multimodal freight transport networks. The Logistic Innovation Village, curated by ALICE, the Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe, was instrumental in providing numerous networking opportunities between different EU projects, thus enhancing synergies between them.

Dynamic panel discussions and knowledge sharing

A highlight for the ReMuNet project at TRA2024 was its participation in the panel discussion of the Lunch and Learn Session “Multimodal and Resilient Traffic Management of the Future”, which attracted more than 80 participants.

The session brought together high-level experts from several EU-funded projects, including FRONTIER and ORCHESTRA, to discuss the integration of traffic flows across different transport modes. This integration is essential to meet the growing challenges of population growth and climate change. The experts shared insights and demonstrated solutions from three years of cutting-edge research and innovation activities, showing how these could improve the efficiency and resilience of transport systems.

Successful poster presentation

The ReMuNet team, John von Stamm, Sandra Stein, and Janis Simons, also delivered a successful poster presentation titled “A Concept for Resilient and Green Freight Transport and Logistics Networks Against Disruptive Events.” This presentation attracted around 70 attendees and sparked discussions on critical topics such as urban logistics, last-mile delivery, and decarbonization of transport. The feedback and engagement from this session were positive, highlighting ReMuNet’s commitment to pioneering resilient transport solutions.

As TRA2024 draws to a close, we would like to thank the organisers, our partners and all the participants who made this event a fruitful avenue for scientific and professional exchange. A special thanks to ALICE and all those who joined us for the discussions on the future of transport and mobility.

ReMuNet’s participation at TRA2024 has not only solidified its role as a trailblazer in creating resilient multimodal transport networks but also reinforced the importance of global collaboration in tackling transport challenges. The insights gained and the connections made there will undoubtedly propel the ReMuNet project towards further innovation and success.