work packages

  • European Transport Network

WP 1

Develop transport ontology & typology of disruptive events

  • Reference Model

WP 2

Create reference model, routing algorithms, prediction modelling

  • Industrial Application

WP 3

ReMuNet Collaborative Platform

WP 4

Modelling self-learning transport corridors

  • Validation & Dissemination

WP 5

Pilot 1: Social Use Case
Pilot 2: Ecological Use Case

WP 6

Dissemination & joint activities

use cases

ReMuNet Use Cases

Two pilot corridors have been selected, each with its specific emphasis:
In addition to experimenting with the fundamental ReMuNet concept, the North Sea – Baltic pilot aims to assess resilient and sustainable routing for the provision of supplies to Ukraine, whereas the Rhine – Danube pilot concentrates on an environmentally conscious multimodal strategy involving alternative propulsion methods.